I am a Progressive Democrat and I will focus on the following priorities which affect my neighbors in District 19:

Strong Public Schools for All:

A Community is strong when it has strong schools.

Education must be a priority.  We need adequate funding for school construction, expansion of Pre-K, increase the per pupil expenditure to offset inflation and to give our teachers more autonomy to develop teaching methods suitable for all learning styles.  We must also understand that the students that compose the school system are increasingly diverse and we must, therefore, implement programs that recognize that diversity and allows all students a fair opportunity to succeed.  This will begin to close the problem of the “achievement gap” and other problems our schools are presently experiencing. Let’s make sure our community thrives and we support our children with legislation that will:

  • Make universal Pre-K a priority
  • Get kids out of trailers and into classrooms
  • Increase access to social workers, psychologists, counselors and ESOL teachers
  • Recruit and retain quality teachers

An Economy that works for Everybody in our Community:

We need to ensure that working families have a livable wage.

A livable minimum wage is just the beginning.  These same working families need affordable housing.  These same working families need improved access to affordable child care and after school care options.  Let’s put in place legislation that will support our working families and community:

  • Raise Maryland’s minimum wage to $15/hour
  • Equal pay for women

Safe and Healthy Communities:

Our communities are safe and healthy when our rights are protected, when the diversity of our community is valued and protected, when we feel safe in our community, when we protect our older neighbors and value their continued contribution to our community, when affordable healthcare is made available to all and when we protect our environment. This requires prompt and immediate attention in our community with legislation that will:

  • Ensure access to quality and affordable healthcare
  • Continue to protect a woman’s reproductive rights and right to choose
  • Promote equality and provide strong sanctions and/or penalties for people, businesses or organizations that seek to discriminate
  • Protect our older neighbors from crime and predatory businesses that target them
  • Reduce gun violence
  • Enhance our recycle efforts and promote clean, safe and renewable energy

Our Community.  Our Voice.

By Authority:  By Authority: Friends of Charlotte Crutchfield, Jeffrey Groce, Treasurer.